Adrian Bianco is the Editor-In-Chief of Snapchat Discover VICE. He has a long history of content creation in the content marketing agency VIRTUE/VICE and do know exactly what it needs to put a product into an organic and authentic context. His blog/online magazine is all centered around authentic and real stories about food, fashion, travel, culture and people. The way he is telling his stories is very various because he can either interview/meet people, travel to places, write guides or just shoot editorials/photo series. He is pretty much well connected to creatives all around the world, so every place he visits will be fueled by stories together with real and interesting characters of each city. Good stories are his only goal, so he will never just go somewhere to just upload a picture. Since he got a long history of working with influencers and even has written a long list of briefings for influencer campaigns he knows what it takes to integrate places, stories and products into his journeys. Authentic content is the key, amazing pictures are the way to tell a story for a generation that only has 1 1/2 seconds of time to fall for something. A great written text is his way to bond people closer to a picture, product or a just a simple dish.